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Fan Fiction 22

‘I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do’ the voice hissed. ‘And when I have it, I’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.’


The theatre,pitching black,glooming into the room with black had been surrounded by without light. Three children had silent as they didn’t answer the light all of a sudden. All out of nowhere, whispers answered Violet without calling Count Olaf but now however bitter arrived. Silent, glare darkness keeping still as a result for time counts. The heartbeat beats like you're on a small edge, the power comes weak, shiver and worries. From a beat each time, it tears hard like you're breaking down in darkness. Furthermore, a mean person each, the power of you suffer when you can’t make mistakes but a feeling like you are treated unwell as a result.


‘Well now, you children, soon I will find you and get your fortune with my own hands.’

Count Olaf’s words disturbed the children. Violet began to shiver. She knew who the voice belong to. Violet tried to scream in fear, but she couldn’t. She heard footsteps. Then the whisper started.

‘I couldn’t just let you be my slaves instead of children. Maybe I'll soon abandon you then get my team to capture you.’

The voice came closer and closer to Violet.

‘Please just leave me and my siblings alone!!’ she said,whimpering.

Count Olaf started to annoy the children.

‘Before I leave, remember and ALWAYS remember I will be here to look after you all, all of you children and that’s what I will just do to you all, you little stupid children.’

Violet watched the darkness as she questioned herself. She heard sniggering, louder and louder as darkness got darker and ligger,filling the room waiting for the children to find Klaus and Sunny in every part of the theatre in no sound.


Count Olaf shouted,

’Why did you leave me!? You were supposed to stay at my house not being with this random lady!’ as he took a few steps in.

‘You are not my father, nor Sunny and Klaus’ so please leave us alone and stop treating us like slaves!’ shouted Violet, who was holding Sunny tighter than before.

They knew what they had done. All 3 Baudelaires stepped few away from Count Olaf as he came closer and closer.

‘I will be able to stop letting you shout and trying to get away from me but you children, you will stay forever, and you’re not escaping this time.’ declared Count Olaf,sniggering to himself.


Silence had arrived. Silence was near. Silence was at the children’s feet. Violet was near the light switch, reaching for it as a way out. She counted ‘1,2,3’ . With her eyes closed, her hand near and steadied as she pulled the full force down and the lights switched on. Lights filled every corner of the theatre. The Baudelaires children didn’t see anyone else. They were safe. For now.