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Fan Fiction 21

“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do,”the voice hissed.”And when I have it,I'll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.”Violet gave a little cry of terror,but flicked the light switch on.


The Theatre,vast and gloomy,started to lean into the children slowly.The children could smell the horrible breath of Count Olaf,and hear his quiet whispers and footsteps gradually come towards them.They feared the worst,as the light switch remained off,Violet knew something had gone wrong.Something Count Olaf planned.Something they couldn’t handle themselves.Violet reached for her hair ribbon,but it lost balance and fell into the darkness,out of her sight.


“You really think I’m that stupid,you foolish,optimistic kids,”Count Olaf whispered.Violet hesitated and engulfed in fear;she knew this was part of  his plan.The Baudilaire children heard footsteps coming towards them,and they knew who it was.”You really are ignorant fools aren’t you?Just hand me your fortune, it's that easy,”muttered Count Olaf,who was looking at Violet and sniggering.”You’re being so disrespectful to your father…,”Violet felt anger run through her body.He wasn’t their father,he was a wicked man.”You aren’t our father,”She whimpered,frantically searching for Sunny.Count Olaf held Violet’s chin tightly.His dry hands scrubbing her chin.Violet could see the eye on his ankle,glaring deep into her soul.She grabbed Sunny and held her tightly in her hands,trying to hope for the best,but what were the chances?They were trapped…


Horror was surrounding them.Horror was haunting them.Horror was lurking at their heels.Violet was shaking,not knowing what to do.The only reasonable thing to do was turn on the light switch.Violet knew Klous was looking at her,hoping for a plan.Violet had no choice but to turn on the light on.Violet began shivering uncontrollably.”1,2,3!”She closed her eyes,putting full force on the light switch.Violet gradually opened her eyes,yes,light was there,but right in front of her,smiling,all the baudelaires nightmare Count Olaf.