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Fan Fiction 20

She gave a little cry of terror but flicked on the light switch. The vast darkness continued to linger. Darkness ,

Threatening but silent in every corner, consuming the theatre. They knew that death was only a heartbeat away. They could hear the raspy breath of Count Olaf approaching.Cause glanced a nervous look at violet but it was quickly drowned in the pool of the pitch black room. Violet could taste the bitterness and flaier as she remembered the promise she made to her parents. She grabbed her hair tie but dropped it and it was immediately out of sight.

“ You fools! You can't escape your destiny,” Laughed a wheezy whisper. They knew who the voice belonged to. They knew he was back. “ Hand over the fortune and I might just spare your lives,” He chuckled as if he'd just uttered a joke.

“ L- Leave us a-a-alone!” Cried Klause, barely able to bring any volume to his voice.

“ Now Now Klause, There's no need to be disrespectful to your father, is there?” Count Olaf sniggered.

“You aren't our father!” Barked Violet. Realising her tone, she covered her mouth.Count olaf tutted”your trapped,stuck, out of luck,” Count Ola Whispered. He walked closer to Violet and stroked her chin with his scrawny hands. “You fools. It's ridiculous how pathetic you are!” You'll never escape,” He shouted

“ We will one way or another,” Said Violet, who was now trembling in fear.


Desperate for a way out, Violet flicked on the light switch. Fear filled her body. Fear filled the theatre. Fear was everywhere. Everyone was gone. They were alone. No one was there except for Count Olaf and his troop.

“Trelmbo,” shreiked sunny which here probably means “count olaf was wright we are trapped,stuck, out of luck!” Count Olaf laughed and evil sinister laugh of which he had thought he has one.