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Fan Fiction 2

“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do,” the voice hissed. “And when I have it , I’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.” Violet gave a cry of terror, but flicked the switch on.


Violet saw the relentless darkness, gloomy and silent, hover over the people in the theatre. She could hear footsteps coming towards her and a person breathing in her ear. Violet froze and reached to turn the light on but she was still blinded by the darkness, she tried harder but nothing happened.On the wall, Violet could hear a hook scraping on it.


“Well now  you really thought that you  could hide from your own father that easily?” Snivelled a voice in the dark. “Do you really think you can escape from me? I won’t just abandon you like your parents did. Remember I’m the only person who can look after you, so there is no point in you children trying to hide from me” whispered the voice. With every step of Count Olaf took, the children shook with terror.


“Why won't you just leave us alone,” Violet cried. “Your fortune is destined to be mine and I will get everything out of my way to try and get it.” “You're not even our  real father,” Claus shouted. This made Count Olaf rage, he tried to slap Claus but Claus managed to dodge it in time. “ Why don’t you just give me your fortune, it's that easy” murmured Count Olaf. EEK shouted Sunny, which probably meant Never.


Darkness was continuously filling the room.

Darkness continued to block every path of the children.

Darkness flooded every corner of the theatre

Violet began to panic and tried to find the light switch but couldn’t  find it. She checked every single part of the theatre and maged to find it. She was about to turn the switch on and she saw a tall and dark figure. It was coming closer and closer to her. She tapped the switch but nothing happened. As she looked in front of her she saw  the man right in front of her  as the man was about to put his hand on her face sje count “1,2,3” and put all her power and pushed the switch. Light covers the whole theatre and she saw Claus and Sunny behind her, but as she looked forward the tall man was gone.