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Fan Fiction 19

Violet gave a little cry of terror. She backed up, leaving the light off. She could feel the presence of a human. She was hoping it was her brother. Every hair on her body stood up, she felt like a yeti. Her face glowed as white as a ghost. She looked at Klaus but could see a faint, evil grin. She grabbed her hair ribbon but dropped it. Who she thought was Klaus had made her drop her ribbon with a smack. An evil laugh showed the shadow of a bony man with things pointing out of his head and a long chin. Another laugh came.

“You really thought you, stupid and spoiled brats, could run away from me? You can’t deal with a real living state so you humiliated me. Pathetic” It was him. Sunny wailed in fear. “Shut up, you little pest!” Violet backed up but, for some reason, the man just got closer. “I love you. I am your father. Did I ever abandon you?” Yes, thought Violet. “ You. Are. My. Children!”, said the man. Violet shuddered at the thought. “You beasts are spoiled, disrespectful and rude.” Violet wanted to attack him but was frozen. Her mouth wouldn’t open.

“Eegeen!”, shouted Sunny, which probably meant, “We hate you!”

You’re no father!”, shouted Klaus.

“How so?”, Count Olaf asked”

“Our father loved us!”, shouted Violet.

“Nonsense.”,  he said. “They forced you to go so they could kill themselves in that fire”

“Neego!”, Sunny yelled, which probably meant, “You’re a liar!” Olaf looked at Sunny, laughing evilly. Violet, who was steaming red, had tears on her dress.

“I’m not gonna leave you.”, said Count Olaf. “Do you think I would?” There was a long silence.  Darkness was holding her. Darkness was strangling her. Darkness was killing her. Deep breaths, Violet, she thought. She ran at the switch, flipping it. “NO!” screamed Olaf. The lights flashed on. The shadow of Olaf showed itself but fled. “He got away!”, came cries from the audience.