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Fan Fiction 18

FanFic (A Series Of Unfortunate Events)


“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do,” the voice hissed. “And when I have it,I’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.” Violet gave a little cry of terror but flicked the switch on.


However, no light filled the room. “You really thought you could escape your fate?” Mumbled Count Olaf.The children froze out of fear that he was near. “Now when I next find you I will have your fortune,”Whispered Count Olaf. Violet could tell he was closer. “Please just,Please just leave us alone.” She whispered.

“Well I can’t just leave my children like your parents did.Remember i’m always watching ,always watching.”he whispered.


“I’ll tell you one more time i’m always watching,always watching.”Count Olaf said.Sunny said “Yaka,” which was probably along the lines of “leave us alone.”Darkness continues to to fill the theatre.Darkness continued to stay.Darkness seemed to be taunting them.They were aghast a word which here means scared and struck with fear. “Leave us alone!”Violet shouted and hammered the light on.Light filled the room.Light filled the theatre.When light filled the theatre they saw something repulsive,a word which here means horrifying and disgusting.They found Justice Strauss dead! “Who did this?”shouted Mr Poe