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Fan Fiction 17

I’ll get my hands on your fortnute if it’s the last thing i do,”the voice hissed “And when I have it, I’ll kill you and your siblings with my own too hands”Violet  gave a litte cry of terror, but flicked the switch on.


The theatre was now flooded with darkness, making the audience feel like they were in a nightmare. The audience screamed as loud as possible so their cries could be heared. Suddenly the screaming and crying stopped creating silence across the room the  silence made the audience's ears ring. The silence was interrupted by Count Olaf muttering to himself, Violet’s body was shaking quickly and she was breathing heavily that she couldn’t catch a breath.


“Well now children, the show is over! I’m your father. I’m here to take care of you forever, whispered a voice,” Violet was trying to spit out a scream but her throat was too dry. “You stupid little gir you thought you could hide from me? I will find you!” Klaus's mouth  was in fear knowing not what to say. “ You silly little boy, nothing to say to protect your sisters eh?”

Violet gasped “ You’re a terrible I wish you were never our father!” 


Count Olaf froze “Oh. Is that so? I will come back for your fortune then! Darkness continued to flood the theatre. Darkness continued to strangle Violet.


Violet tried to figure out a way to turn the light on. She tried to turn it on a few times, but it didn't work.She counted “1,2,3” she pulled the switch on but failed. She counted again “1,2,3” and switched the light on. Violet said “Yes it’s finally on.” but things weren’t  the same. There were 2 problems. 1 Justice Strauss was crying. 2 Count Olaf was gone.