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Fan Fiction 14

“Did you really think you could escape me?” Count Olaf laughed. “You stupid little orphan, everywhere u go, I know where u are,” he whispered. Violet tried to say something but she froze, shaking and thinking what he’d say or do next. She managed to say a few words ,”Please! Leave us alone” she whimpered. The Baudelaire children slowly moved to each other, gripping hands and clenching tight to Sunny, hoping he wouldn’t steal her again and almost kill Sunny  he once tried. “Me?” Count Olaf shouting in anger. Violett what she had said was wrong “Why should I leave you alone? I can't just abandon you like your parents did,”Count Olaf screamed in satisfaction. Klaus shook in anger, while he clenched his fists as hard as he could. “After all, I am your legal guardian. Infact im your father”he slowly said, with his voice echoing through the dark, creepy theatre. “You are not our father!” said Violet, who now had no regrets. 


Darkness continued to fill every gap of the theatre. Darkness continued to linger. Darkness devoured the whole theatre and took full control of it. Violet heavily hesitated and slowly counted “One.. two… three….” She said and turned on the light switch. “You won't get away with this! The last thing I’ll do is get your fortune and kill you with my two bare hands…!” Count Olaf shouted, as loud as he could.