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Fan Fiction 13

A Series of Unfortunate Events The bad beginning Fanfiction


 “I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do,” the voice hissed. “And when I have it, I’ll kill you and your siblings with my own hands.”Violet gave a little cry of terror, but flicked the switch on.


However, the theatre was still overpowered by the gloomy darkness, Violet could hear footsteps of the audience coming closer. Mr Poe was suppressing his cough and Klaus was trying to not breathe heavily.  Violet could smell  Count Olaf's  breath whilst he was muttering to himself. Violet could see the fear in her siblings eyes. Violet could hear Count Olafs dreadful laugh as having hers and her siblings blood in his hands. As Violet's hands shook from fear she reached for her hair ribbon but with hear fear the ribbon fell to the floor and desipered..


“Well now your really stupid aren’t you? You really thought you could get away from your father? You will still see your fortune in my hands even if it's your last day on earth!”muttered Count Olaf Violet gasped. She tried to let a word out but couldn't thanks to Count Olaf.”You will never escape you are my children,” said Count Olaf.

“jus…..JUST LEAVE US ALONE please!” Shouted Klaus who took Sunny and went a few steps backwards, knowing what he had just said would not make Count Olaf happy. “What have you just said to your father?” I won't leave you alone, I will only leave you alone if I get you fortune” whispered Count Olaf. who was standing over Klaus. “I cant just aband you like your parents did” whispered Count Olaf before sniggering to himself.


Violet tried to turn the light on. “Ejih Violet” This probably ment “I'm scared Violet.”Silence continued to fill the room.Silence seemed to be waiting for the children in every part of the theatre. Violet picked up Sunny and found the switch again. She counted “1,2,3” She closed her eyes and hoped for light, she pushed down with fall force. Light in every direction Violet saw Mr Poe looking at her with a concerned expression. She turned around and there was Count Olaf with a knife. The End!