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Fan Fiction 12


“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if its the last thing I do,”the voice hissed.”And when I have it, I’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands.”Violet gave a cry of terror, but flicked the light switch on.


However no light came to the theatre… … The theatre was flooded with even more darkness of mystery.The darkness lurked in every single part of the theatre.Violet went to look at Klaus but all she heard was the devilish whispers of the devil himself (Count Olaf).Violet listened as the evil man got a bit closer and started breathing louder and louder until she could taste the bitterness of his breath.Violet started shaking violently but tried to stop as she didn’t want to be noticed.Violet stopped shaking violently and reached for her hair ribbon but she dropped it and it went out of site. 


Count Olaf started to say “Well now.You think you can escape your only father?Can you feel your blood on my hands?”Count Olaf giggled as if he had uttered a joke.His words left the Baudelaires speechless and disturbed.Violet trembled.She knew he back, the sinful devil.Violet ,who grabbed Sunny tighter than usual, face turned as white as a ghost.She managed to say,”please, please just leave us alone.”As she was trembling in fear.He uttered,”Give me your fortune and I might just spare your life.”Violet was disturbed to notice that had come even closer.The only thing she could say was “No!This is our money from our family.”Count Olaf just laughed, “I am in your family,”he laughed as if he’d uttered a very funny joke.


Darkness was still flooding the room.Darkness still had it mysterious look when you looked at it.Darkness was waiting for them.Violet hammered the switch in horror but she saw a tiny flicker of light and saw how close he really was to her.Violet counted “1,2,3!”She stepped away from the switch realising she had shouted and bangged on the switch.Count Olaf whispered “You really are a Stupid Girl!”Violet felt him take Sunny away and Sunny just said “magai” which here probably means Help.Violet barked “give her back!!”

He just giggled “do anything I say and I will give precious Sunny back”Violet suddenly remembered what her parents has said.She didn’t want Sunny to be hurt so she said “fine” but before she said “fine” she said to Klaus “I’ll say fine and if you can see sneak behind him and steal Sunny back.”

Count Olaf said “give me your fort” but before he could answer Klaus took Sunny back and Violet said “NO” She quickly hammered the switch and the lights slowly filled the room.After a long time of holding back his cough Mr Poe coughed and said “Where are they!?”


The End