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Fan Fiction 1

“I’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing I do,”the voice hissed. “And when I have it,I’ll kill you and your sibliings with my own two hands.”Violet gave a cry of terror, but flicked the light switch on.


However, no hope filled the theatre as the room stayed in gloom. In fact, the darkness overpowered the light as it became more intense and mysterious. An eruption of murmurs and whispers ,quiet and meek,filled the theatre. Shivers ran down each Baudelaire child with blood as cold as ice. They remained glued to the stage, trying to contain their heavy breathing with fear of not wanting to be heard. Violet shot a worried look at Klaus but was unable to be seen. In search of a chance of hard thinking, she reached for her hair ribbon but with her hand trembling hard, she lost grip, it fell to the stage floor and immediately was out of sight.


Suddenly, a spotlight appeared and shone on Violet. The theatre became silent.”Well,well,well,” came a mocking voice.Violet froze. She knew he was back. Violet wanted to say,”Leave me alone!” but her mouth was too dry. The voice chuckled to himself.I shouldn’t keep reminding you but I assume that isn’t quite getting into you. I’ve told you over and over again, your fortune is made for me and only me,” he spoke in a falsely sweet voice. Klaus circled his lips and finally cried,”What do you want from us?” The voice laughed.

“You stupid boy,”It said coldly,”Did you not listen?I want your fortune and once I have it I will kill you with my own two hands as i said…”Silence lingered on. Violet knew she had to act.”Please…please just leave us alone,”she whimpered, barley bring any volume in her voice.

“I just can’t abandon you like your parents did . Remember and never forget, I’m here to look after you… and that is just what i’ll do,”he replied softly, before sniggering to himself. Violet,who was frozen with Klaus beside her, slowly reached out for Sunny and clung onto her tightly. She could see a faint outline of a Count Olaf smirking. 

Suspense continued to wait.Suspense continued to flood into the room.Suspense seemed to follow the Baudelaire children everywhere. Violet,who had little hope in her, reached for the light switch once more. She muttered,”Three…Two…One.” She stared at the light switch and with full force pushed down. Relieved, she sat down, breathing heavily. Lights in every rim of the theatre flikered before snapping on. The Baudelaire children stood up, relaxed. They wouldn’t see Count Olaf in a long time.”Poe!’’ Sunny screeched. Violet laughed. “Yes, Poe… Wait… Where is Mr Poe?”