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POLITE reminders - A reminder that school is closed today 20.01 for an INSET day. ................The last INSET day for this academic year is - 20th July 2020....... please do not park on the zig zag lines, you put your/our children at risk when you do this...........We are continuing our name and shame campaign, 'zig-zag' parkers registration numbers will be shown on this scrolling banner; we need to keep the children safe............thanks for your support in advance...........The following have put our children at risk this week......
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Eco News

Welcome to ECO News


Small Eco steps lead to Big Eco changes



This year the Eco team are working incredibly hard in order to achieve our green flag status; fingers crossed this will be awarded soon!


Wear It Wild 2017

Dressed as an endangered animal for the day, students did a fantastic job on the ‘Wear it Wild Day’. It wasn’t all fun however, as children spent time researching and learning about all sorts of animals that are considered to be on the verge of extinction in the wild today. We managed to raise a whopping £231.84, which the World Wildlife Fund was extremely happy to receive.


The Big Pedal

The annual big pedal was amazing this year. It’s was great way to get more of our pupils travelling to school on their bikes and scooters. Not only does it help the environment, it’s also a free and fun way to get a little exercise. Because of our commitment to the project, we won a selection of high visibility jackets; something we can find a good use for within school.


Big Battery Hunt

Freemantle took part in the national ‘Big Battery Hunt’. This nationwide campaign is to help raise the importance of recycling and as a committed Eco School we felt that we needed to support this initiative; and so did the children. ‘Operation’ battery produced a magnificent 140kg of recycled batteries. The challenge now is to continue recycling, by using the battery collection point in the reception area. Freemantle, the recycling challenge is on - lets see how many kgs we can save. Remember: Small Eco steps = Big Eco changes!