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We wish Mr Luxford all the best in his new endeavors, thank you so much for all your hard work. - We look forward to seeing all our wonderful children on Tuesday 2nd of November
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Eco News

Welcome to our Freemantle Academy Eco news!



Our academy grounds

We have been working hard to make our school grounds as wildlife friendly as possible, as well as growing our own vegetables in the biodome. During Lockdown Mr Brooker has been keeping all the flowers and plants well watered. We have also created a new wild area in the middle of the race track which is full of insects! Can you see spot the cinnabar caterpillars? 

Renewable Energy


The children in year 5 have been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy souces. They have looked at the advanatges and disadvantages, and the environmental impact of non-renewable souces. 




This year we have been growing lots of plants and vegetables around the school. We have been growing lots of things in our school biodome. Year 1 grew beans and potatoes. The two classes had a competition to see who could grow the most potatoes.

Use the link below to see the results of the year 1 potato growing competition!

The dangers of littering

Year 2 have been learning about the dangers of littering. Look at these amazing pieces of writing in which the children explain the dangers of pollution on sea life:

Wear it Wild!


After the success of last year, the Eco Warriors decided that they would like to have another Wild it wild day to raise awareness of environmental issues and raise money to protect endangered species. Thank you to everyone who took part. We raised £151!


We need to save energy!


The Eco warriors want to make sure that we are saving electricity whenever we can. One way that we can all make a difference is to make sure that whenever we leave the classroom, we turn off all the lights and the interactive whiteboards. Staff who work in their own offices also need to make sure they are turning off lights and equipment when they leave their rooms too! We will be checking who remembers and sharing this information on our eco board!


Thank you for your help!


Please can everyone make sure they put all their litter in the bin! If you do see litter in the playground you can ask Mr Brooker for the litter pickers and help to make our school a nicer place for everyone. The children have been learning about the impact on littering on animals and the environment. Here are the posters they made: