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Announcement today about the new Headteachers at Freemantle via- Marvellous Me and Parentmail............PLEASE continue to be vigilant and don't send your child to school if they show signs/symptoms of covid- we already have increasing number including staff....we will do our best not to close classes, but this will require the help of the entire school community............ watch this space for updates...............
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Eco News

Welcome to our Freemantle Academy Eco news!



Rhino adoption up-date


The eco warriors' 'wear something green day' helped us to raise an amazing £200! This money has all been donated to the WWF so that we can adopt a rhino and support their conservation work. Thank you for all your support!

Bike Doctor visit


We were very lucky to have a visit form Bike doctor Ray and Issy who worked tirelessly to service all the bicycles that were brought into school that day. Ray also spoke to all the classes about how to do simple bike and scooter safety checks. It was great to see so many bike and scooters used to travel to school!

Whole School Collective Worship


The Eco warriors did a great job in hosting their first whole school collective worship to tell everyone about their plan to adopt a rhino through the WWF. They talked about why they chose to support rhinos; sharing the sad facts about the massive decrease in rhino numbers and how they are poached for their horns. We are excited to see lots of people wearing green on Friday and bringing in some money to support the eco warriors' cause.  

Lucas made this fantastic power point to share in collective worship

The Big Walk and Wheel!


From Monday 21st March until Friday 1st April we will be taking part in the Big Walk and Wheel. We are encouraging as many families as possible to travel actively to school each day by walking, wheeling, scooting, cycling or park and striding. Active travel is good for health and well-being as well as reducing pollution levels around our homes and school. 

Energy Monitors

We have recruited an Energy Monitor in each class. Their job will be to ensure that all lights, white- boards and screens are turned off as often as possible- particularly when everyone leaves the class for playtime or collective worship. As well as being more environmentally friendly, Mr Barnett will be happy with the money we will be saving too!

Green hearts for #showthelove


This week, we have been talking in our classes about what we love about our planet and how worried we are about the issues of climate change. Every child in the academy made a green heart as a powerful symbol and clear message that we care about climate change, nature and people. We will be sending a photo of our hearts to our local MP to encourage the people in charge to take action now!


Mr Whitehead MP wrote back to us.


Dear Mrs Steinman and all pupils at Freemantle Academy,

Thank you so much for sending me all of the beautiful green hearts that you made and for being so passionate about nature and climate change.
As you may know I am currently the Shadow Minister for many of these issues and it is my job to push the government to do more to tackle the climate emergency.
I recognise that there is a frustration particularly among young people that not enough is being done on these issues, and it is a frustration that I share.
Once again thank you for contacting me about this very important issue.

Kind Regards,

Alan Whitehead MP
Labour MP for Southampton Test

A visit from Bike-it-Ray and Rachel 


Today the eco warriors met two visitors that are also very passionate about being eco. Rachel (from Modeshift star) and Ray (from Sustrans) came to find out more about our academy and look at ways to help children travel to school actively. As part of their visit, Ray talked to the children about simple safety checks to do on bikes and scooters. We look forward to working with Ray and Rachel lots more this year.

Walking, scooting and cycling to school!

We encourage children to make their journey to the academy an active one. Lots of children choose to walk, cycle and scoot in each day. This is then recorded in class using the 'Living Streets Travel tracker'. Children who have had at least four active travel days are awarded a badge at the end of each month.





RSPB School Bird watch


The year one Forest school children enjoyed a spot of bird watching this afternoon! They recorded all their sighting ready for Mrs Steinman to submit to the RSPB. We saw a house sparrow, wood pigeons, herring gulls and magpies. Unfortunately our usual forest school robin decided to hide away this afternoon!


The Eco warriors have been hard at work...


The Eco warriors have been hard at work deciding what we are doing well as a school and areas where we could improve. This academic year our focus eco topics will be:


Litter- keeping our school grounds clean and tidy and learning about the environmental impact of litter


Energy- making sure we 'switch off when we can' at home and at school to save electricity


Global Citizenship- learning about how our actions can impact other parts of the world



Here is the action plan which shows all the fantastic ideas from the eco warriors and children in their classes on what to do for each eco topic.

Old toy and tech recycling


We are currently collecting broken (hard) plastic toys and working technology (cameras, old phones etc.) for recycling. When full the bins will be collecting in exchange for book vouchers for the school library! The eco warriors are keen to buy some books about endangered animal and other environmental topics.