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Cultural & Refugee Week

To celebrate cultural and refugee week each year group selected a country to learn about and explore their culture. At the end of the week we had a cultural exchange in our school hall where each year group set up a table to show the things they had learnt about their chosen countries to the other year groups.


Nursery explored Poland and demonstrated traditional dress, food and dances. Reception year learned all about India. They had great fun dressing up in sari's and exploring Indian dancing. On Friday they had a range of Indian spices to sample and were demonstrating how to put on a sari. Year 1 learned about South Africa and their stall had lots of information on its geography and wildlife. Year 2 explored Italy and had a whole range of posters displaying information on famous Italian Landmarks.


Year 3 displayed Mexican masks and made their own salsa. Year 4 explored Jamaican geography and researched famous Jamaicans. Year 5 created Brazilian inspired art work and recorded a traditional Brazilian song. Year 6 had displayed posters showcasing aspects of life in the UK.


Throughout the week we had a number of parents and family members from the community come in to talk to the children about their culture. We would like to thank them for their support to the academy and as always we welcome involvement from our community. 



"My child was very happy because of all activities about Poland. She got to know the Polish country and culture more. She could also share with her friends her previous knowledge about it. She really enjoyed all the polish traditional food and she's waiting for the next international week."


What impact did it have on you as a parent?

"It was a chance for me to talk about my home country. I could also prepare traditional dishes. It all made me very happy! Cooperation with teachers and children also caused me great joy and I am encouraged to continue the cooperation. It gives me the opportunity to learn more about work in the nursery and I have gotten to know all these lovely teachers better!"


"In my opinion this activity was organized very well. I'm happy to share my ideas for future activities."


"I would like to say thank you to all the staff for giving me a chance to take part in this activity. I am very grateful that I could do something for these beloved children, it is a very good project!"


"My son, along with the other children, enjoyed listening to the story "Lokomotywa" and happily joined in with the 'train' song. My son was very proud that his friends could learn about his parents country. Its crucial for our local community as we have many polish speaking children here."


"This was an amazing opportunity to talk to children about my country. My sons nursery really cares about children's background which makes me feel included as a parent."


"Thank you very much to the academy for the invitation and an amazing week!"