A huge thank you to all our parents and carers for their support over the last few months

A reminder that the last day of term for ALL children is Friday 10th July

We hope you have a safe holiday and look forward to seeing you all in September

Remember to keep an eye out for Parentmails as we will be sending out more information over the holidays

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Good news,....... Good news...........Good news, we are opening for all year groups in September; we are so excited and looking forward to seeing all the children returning.........remember to keep an eye out for further information............... The last day of term for children including our key worker families, is Friday 10th July- The academy reopens 1st to 4th September..
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26/3/2020 - More Maths

Hi again Year 6,


Missing Maths?


Sadly, the CGP maths books were out of stock when we ordered them. They assure us they will be back in stock soon and we'll give some thought to how to get them to you, but while you wait, I wouldn't want all the fantastic knowledge and skills you've learned this year to go to waste so here are some additional, optional things you can do that will help you to practise a range of maths skills, including an optional maths project about building your own theme park. 


The White Rose Hub (which you'll recognise as where lots of your chilli sheet questions come from!) are providing short daily maths lessons. They're available from Year R to Year 8. Of course, depending on how much you miss maths, you could try them all (and you might find you can already do the Year 7 and 8 lessons). 


BBC Bitesize have a series of lessons on angles. Some of them revise what we've already done, but some move on to Year 7 and 8 learning and include videos to support you and mini tests. Good if you want to use this time to learn some new things.


15 Minute Tests - your CGP packs came with tests big and small. The 15 minute test books is great to use now and again as it means you can practise all the areas of maths we have learned.


Theme Park Project Part 1 - I have used this two part project in previous years in class, but there's no reason why you can't do it at home. You use your maths to start and run your own theme park business, competing to see who makes the most money by the end. I will be posting part 2 on Monday. The project can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. If you don't have A3 paper, just use a double page in your workbook!


Lastly, and not related to maths, you may have seen but Google are bringing animals to your living room. If you or your parents have a phone with a camera, Google an animal (penguin, lion, tiger, sharks all work) and Google will use augmented reality to show it in your home! Lots of photo potential.



Stay safe everyone.


Mr Seymour