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A MASSIVE thankyou, over 90% of parents and carers are wearing face covering as requested by us, please help us to make it 100% this week......... We will continue to review all our procedures due to covid 19, but will always keep the safety of our children at the heart of any decision we make.................Following the usual beginning of year parking issues, we thank many of you for your support, we had very few illegal parkers at the Waterloo Rd entrance in the afternoons,......but we still have illegal parking in the mornings.....................please help us, to keep our children safe.
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10/5/2020 - Week 6 Work Timetables

Hi Year 6,


As I'm sure many of you have remembered, had we still been at school, this week would have been your SATs week. I know lots of you were disappointed when they were cancelled - I was, too. We worked incredibly hard and you saw, in your rapidly improving test scores over the year, how much that hard work helped you to improve. While it is frustrating, it's important not to lose sight of the bigger picture because all of that work will help you to be successful at secondary school and beyond - this is the real reason we have worked so hard all year and why all the revision you have been completing at home has been so worthwhile. 


I have set this week's timetable up to replicate SATs week, so there is no CGP work and no writing task. I have instead included the tests you would have sat each day for you to complete independently. You can of course mark your tests at the end, but one thing I would say about the CGP tests is they are always a bit harder than the real thing so just keep that in mind when you mark. Also keep in mind that the tests are designed to be very challenging by the end; if there are questions you really don't understand, have a go. Just like in class, I only expect you to try your best.


Keep up your daily reading, but otherwise, as you would have done in SATs week at school, make sure you focus in your tests, do your best, do them independently, but enjoy some downtime during the rest of the day.


If you'd like more work, you can also complete any of the reading activities we haven't yet completed from the CGP books as I will be providing reading work in a different way next week. You can also complete the White Rose Hub maths lessons on fractions. These are optional tasks, though. 


Lastly, anyone who shared a suspense story with me should have had an email back to the address you sent them from with some of my thoughts about your creative writing. I really enjoyed reading them all and was immensely impressed with how much you had remembered from our lessons at school!


Stay safe everyone.


Mr Seymour



Base Class Timetable (for pupils working with Mrs Dobbin in maths and writing)