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06/4/2020 - Easter

Hi everyone,


Though we have decided not to set homework this Easter, there is lots you can do while at home, including continuing the same revision programme you would be doing anyway at this point in the year. 


At this stage of the year, I would usually set Year 6 pupils the task of setting their own revision by identifying areas in reading, maths and GPS that you still find difficult and using that to create your own individual revision schedule. Though we have not been able to do that in school, you can do it at home using the revision guides the school have provided and completing 1 reading, 1 maths and 1 GPS task a day based on areas you feel you need to work on. 


Below are some others ideas taken from across the internet for ways in which you can continue other aspects of your learning: 



Winchester Science centre have created two mini projects, one about space and the other mini beasts:


Also, if you missed it, Chester Zoo provided virtual tours of their zoo:



White Rose Hub are continuing their daily lessons over Easter. This week's revision looks at decimals.



Create your own piece of history with this time capsule project. This is an unusual period of time and, once it has all ended or maybe later in life, it would be interesting to look back at this moment in your life.



Scratch is free and provides some really good tutorials on how to use it to create simple and advanced projects.



I am sure many of you have heard of PE With Joe. His daily PE videos are continuing throughout the Easter holidays.



Above all Year 6, continue to use this time to read, do some independent revision and enjoy time with your family. You will be coming back to school, whether that's soon or a little later in the year. As with everything this year, take responsibility for your learning and make sure that when you do return to school, you're ready to continue learning.


Have a great Easter and stay safe.


Mr Seymour