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20th - 24th is Year 5s Avon Tyrell trip - Parent Online Safety Workshops on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd
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Church of England Community Academy

What have we been learning?

Autumn 2

Week 4


English- This week we will be writing our own 'defeating the monster' story.  The children have thought of some really inventive characters from peas to mermaids. We are really looking forward to reading and sharing them as a class after they are written.

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Maths- This week we will be finishing off multiplication and we will be starting to look at division and how we can group or share in order to do this. We will be revealing how multiplication and division are linked.

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Week 3


English- This week we we will be finishing our innovated story where we replace characters from our story 'Billy the Brave Knight' with our own. We will then start to create a story map for our own 'defeating the monster' story. 


Maths- This week we will be learning about commutative law in multiplication, how 2 x 5 is the same as 5 x 2. We will apply commutative law to all the times tables we have learnt so far 2, 5, 10.


This week the children will be running the Children in Need Mini Marathon. Last year we raised so much money for this charity and we are so excited to do this again this year. Get your running shoes on!



English- We have been learning the story of Billy the Brave Knight. We have made-up actions and drawn story maps to help us remember the story. Next, we are going to write our own innovated stories.


Maths- We are learning our times tables. We are counting in jumps of 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s to learn our times tables. 


Science- We are experimenting with materials and exploring solids and liquids and how they look, feel and move.