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Please remember to dress your children to suit the weather............... and apply sunscreen if you feel it is necessary.The Year 2 assembly has been postponed until further notice
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What have we been learning?

Spring 1

Week 1

Memorable Experience


We have had an extremely busy first week back! On Monday, the children used their design and building skills to build boats! This was our memorable experience into our new topic ‘Land Ahoy’! The children worked extremely hard and showed excellent fellowship and creativity when designing and building their boats. At the end of the day, the children got to test their boats to see if they would sink or float! Luckily, most of them did float however we did have a few that sunk! Everyone had a great day and the children are now very excited for the rest of the topic! 



We have started a new topic in maths - measure. This week we have been looking at length. The children have measured things around the classroom in both metres and centimetres. 



The children have been writing non-chronological reports this week. They have each chosen an animal and have added a special magical power to them. The children have been working hard to use sub-titles, prepositions and conjunctions in their writing. 

Week 2