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Our team of staff and directors wish you all a safe and well deserved summer break. See you on Tuesday 4th September, ready and raring to go.
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Church of England Community Academy

Summer 2 - Urban Pioneers

Week 1


English: This week, we started our non-fiction Talk 4 Writing cycle which is all about writing persuasive texts. After a discussion into what the skill of persuasion actually means, we hosted a debate where both classes were given the task of arguing either for or against people eating meat. Both classes raised some very valid arguments and this activity really helped us to develop our persuasive language. We then looked at a good example of a persuasive letter and began to map the text so that we can eventually learn and retell it.


Maths: We started a new chapter in our Maths No Problem books this week all about fractions. Already, we've been counting in tenths, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator and finding fractions that are equivalent.



Science: In Science, we started our topic on light and shadows. Using torches and plasticine, we investigated how shadows are formed and how they change as the light source moves. By the end of the lesson, we were all able to explain that shadows are formed when opaque objects block light. If a material allows light to travel through it without forming a shadow (such as glass windows), then we call them transparent.