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Welcome back everyone, we have some new guests in school..................ask your children about the 'dinosaurs'..................
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Church of England Community Academy

Summer 1 - Scrumdiddlyumptious

The Great Freemantle Bake Off!

To kick off our new topic (scrumdiddlyumptious), we did a spot of baking! Working in groups, we weighed and mixed the ingredients together to make our cake mixture, and then once they'd been put in the oven, we decorated our cupcakes. We also had a go at writing our own persuasive adverts encouraging people to buy/eat our cupcakes. At the end of the day, the children were judged on their level of team work, presentation and persuasion and star baker awards were handed out to the children who scored highest!

Week 1


English: This half term we are using Jack and the Beanstalk as our Talk 4 Writing text which is a finding tale. To hook us into the story, we took part in a spot of drama where we worked in groups to act out the events of the story.



We then put ourselves in Jack's shoes and thought about what he would have been thinking during various parts of the story. We formed a conscience alley where the boys and the girls had to express their opposing views (e.g. boys convincing Jack to climb the beanstalk whilst girls were convincing him not to).



Maths: In maths this week, we've been learning al about money! We started the week by counting and making amounts of money using a range of coins and notes and we finished the week by adding amounts of money together using renaming of both pounds and pence.