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We have lots of new and exciting opportunities for parents and families, including mother and toddler, ESOL, translation, parent workshops and much, much more.................... keep an eye out after Easter for these exciting opportunities. - The Big Pedal - 25th March to 5th April – join in the fun Karate • Last Karate session – Thursday 28th March 2019 (no session on Thursday 4th April 2019) • First karate session after Easter will be on the 25th of April
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Every Thursday the Year One pupils take part in a spelling quiz. 


As children’s writing develops, they are expected to use their phonic knowledge to attempt to spell a range of words, but also a range of common exception words. In order to help your child’s writing become more fluent and accurate we are going to introduce some weekly spelling quizzes in class. Each week these informal quizzes will check your child’s ability to spell these words independently.

We are sending some common exception words home for you to practise and these words will also be recapped at school. They are words the children were introduced to in Reception and will be familiar to them.

The spelling quizzes will happen every Thursday; each week they will need to practise spelling 10 words OR 5 words depending on which phonics group they attend. 


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