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Last day of term is Friday the 20th July. Please ensure any school library books are returned as soon as possible
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Church of England Community Academy


Year 1 Homework

23rd March 2018


We have begun to learn how to write instructions in class this week. Please can your child write a set of instructions for something that you have done at home. You might want to write instructions for playing a game, or cooking a lovely recipe or how to draw a picture.


If you have a CGP book, please complete page 33 (words ending in nk)

Due 16th March 2018

CGP Books - page 32 (er and est spellings)

Non-CGP - Can you add  the er or est endings to the words small, tall, large, quiet.  Now can you put the words in a sentence?

Snow Day!


As there is no school today, you have probably had a chance to play in the snow.  Please can you write about what you did. Remember if you have used "and" once, you will need to use a full stop.


We look forward to reading all about your fun!

Homework Due Friday 9th March 2018


CGP Books

Please complete pages 12, 13 and 14 of your CGP books.


Additional Homework

Next time you are out, see what flowers and plants you can see growing.  Draw what you find and try to find out what the flower is called.  Can you write a sentence describing what you find?

Spelling Lists - Spring 2