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Our team of staff and directors wish you all a safe and well deserved summer break. See you on Tuesday 4th September, ready and raring to go.
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Church of England Community Academy


Year 1 Homework 2nd February 2018

Due 8th February 2018


If you do not have a CGP book, please complete the attached activity. 

Year 1 Homework if you do not have a CGP book.

Year 1 CGP Homework

2nd February 2018. Due in Thursday 8th February 2018


Please can you complete page 32 of the CGP book (words ending in ve)


Thank you

Mrs Staddon and Mrs Stewart

Homework Year 1

26 January 2018


Imagine you are an astronaut who has just returned from a Space mission. Can you write about what you saw, who you went with, what you discovered?


Remember to use full stops and capital letters in the right places.


House Points will be awarded for good effort.

Week 1 – 12th January 2018


If your child has a CGP book: Complete pages 10-11 (Question marks and exclamation marks).


If your child does not have a CGP book they need to write 3 questions using question marks correctly and 3 statements where they have used exclamation marks correctly.


This is due in on Friday 19th January 2018