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We have lots of new and exciting opportunities for parents and families, including mother and toddler, ESOL, translation, parent workshops and much, much more.................... keep an eye out after Easter for these exciting opportunities. - The Big Pedal - 25th March to 5th April – join in the fun Karate • Last Karate session – Thursday 28th March 2019 (no session on Thursday 4th April 2019) • First karate session after Easter will be on the 25th of April
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We have put some beans in a plastic bag with some wet cotton wool to see what would happen.  We watching the changes to the beans and keeping a diary of what we notice.  Some of our beans have begun to grow!

Look at our beans!

Look at our beans! 1
Look at our beans! 2
Look at our beans! 3
We learned the story of Guy Fawkes and he was captured.  After watching a video of fireworks we decided to create our own artwork using chalk and paint.

Fireworks Art

Fireworks Art 1