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20th - 24th is Year 5s Avon Tyrell trip - Parent Online Safety Workshops on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd
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Church of England Community Academy

Autumn 2 - Heroes and Villains

Week 2


English: This week, we have been practising how to punctuate speech correctly using inverted commas. We then innovated 'The Great Kapok Tree', changing the characters, their flaws and the setting/situation that they find themselves in. We created story maps and planned in opportunities for us to include inverted commas to record speech within our stories. 


Maths: In our maths lessons, we have been learning how to subtract two 3 digit numbers when you have to rename across the tens and the hundreds! We then started to look at worded problems involving addition and subtraction, using the bar model to help us to understand the question.



GPS: Mr Dyer's group have been learning how to add the suffix -ly to a range of root words.

When the root word ends in a consonant, you just add -ly.

e.g. confidently, carefully, beautifully etc.

When the root word ends in the letter y, you drop the y and add -ily.

e.g. happily, angrily, crazily etc.

When the root word ends in -le, you drop the e and add -y.

e.g. cuddly, gently, subtly etc.

When the root word ends in -ic, you add -ally.

e.g. frantically, magically, basically etc.


Mr Jolly's group have been learning about the /zh/ sound spelt with the letter s.

e.g. vision, pleasure, division etc.

They've also been learning how to add the suffix -ment to the end of root words.

e.g. amazement, achievement, movement etc.

'The Great Kapok Tree' Hook