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Welcome back everyone, we have some new guests in school..................ask your children about the 'dinosaurs'.................. Reminder that the Nursery opens on Tuesday 17th April ...............................
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Activities to try at home

Chalk drawing


Let your child develop their gross motor skills by mark making on the ground outside using chalk.  Encourage them to draw large circles and lines as well as smaller more detailed drawings.  Don't worry the rain will wash away the chalk, or get your child to scrub it away using a scrubbing brush or broom.  Again, another chance to develop gross motor skills.

Play dough! 

It’s great and the children LOVE playing with it.  Talk to your child on what you’re doing.  Are you patting it, rolling it?  Talk and discuss about different ways you can manipulate the play dough.  Below is a basic recipe for play dough. 

Basic Play dough recipe – 2 cups of plain flour

                                                1 cup of salt

                                                2 tbs of oil

                                                2 tbs of cream of tartar

                                                2 cups of boiling water


Mix the flour, salt, crème of tartar and oil in a bowl.  Add the boiling water 1 cup at a time until the required amount is found.  When the play dough starts to join together, take it out of the bowl and knead it by hand.   Add any food colouring at this point. 


Eye Spy

Try playing eye spy with my little eye.  Instead of using letter names, use colours, shapes or letter sounds.   Make sure your child can verbalise the whole sentence, supporting them or correcting them where necessary. 


Pots and Pans

Give your child a range of different pots, pans and tins.  Let them use a range of utensils to see what sounds they can make.  Talk to your child about the sounds, are they loud?  Can they make a quiet sound?



An activity that many perceive to be a ‘girls activity’ however all children enjoy threading.  Plus it is great for developing fine motor control.  All you need is some string, ribbon or a shoe lace and anything that has a hole in it.  Penne Pasta is great for threading.  Your child could even colour or paint the pasta before they thread it!  For our younger children pipe cleaners are an easier option when threading.




Signing is a way to support communication with your child.  At nursery, we use signs to develop understanding and communication for children who are hard of hearing, English as an additional language and English children.  Below are some simple signs demonstrated by Mr Arthur.  Have a go at using them at home, but remember you must say the word, clearly and slowly, when you sign.

Signing videos

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Still image for this video


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